Weekend Mountain Blogging

Photos taken in on and around the Via Claudia Augusta, now a hiking trail, between Landeck and Fließ.

It’s clearly late autumn in Tyrol, just before the leaves turn completely. The region is not known for spectacular fall foliage but I find it beautiful in its own, subtle way, the greens and golds mixed with grey and brown.

In Landeck, we had cut through the town to meet up again with the river after it bends south, and came out by chance right above the old “ghost railroad” tunnel, built for the Reschenbahn around 100 years ago. This was to have been a link between Mals (in South Tyrol, Italy) and Landeck over the Reschenpass (an extension of the Vinschgaubahn which runs from Meran to Mals), paralleling the old Roman Road, but plans were abandoned as Austria got caught up in the First World War the plans, started in 1918 and again in 1944, were eventually abandoned (thanks, Paschberg for the correction). It looks as if someone has been getting in. The tunnel (in better days) can also be seen here in the third image.

Wood carvings adorning a house in Fließ.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Mountain Blogging

  1. The fall foliage is beautiful, like the composition of the trees and colors.. Nice to have seasons…. we’ve had heat in the 90s here in Southern California… and we’re almost to November. Maybe we’ve already had our winter, we almost had rain for a moment and it got down to 53F…..Bring out the jackets!


  2. There are some other remains of the railroad some kilometres south. E.g. in Fließerau remains a station building. In Ried im Oberinntal (near the bathing lake) a quite modern tunnel entrance with a parabolic concrete vault can bee seen. Near Kajetansbrücke (Pfunds) remains of an old incline (for building the railroad) could be seen till some years ago.
    Actually the railroad was only built during war first time in 1918, second time in 1944. By the end of WW II approximately 1/3 of the trace between Landeck and Pfunds had been built. Track (for work trains only between Landeck and Fließerau).
    The expropriations for most of the trace had been done alread during WW I. The right of way was used mostly in the seventies for building the new expressway (the so called, greatly feared Ulm-Milan-Expressway)
    Railroad building never started again, although traffic numbers would justify commuter train service till Prutz. Actually during the last yeras the Rhätische Bahn made several attempts to plan a touristic railwas from Scuol to Landeck – but was not really encouraged by the Tyrolean government.

    Due to Pfarrer Maaß´s predictions (s. http://www.j-lorber.de/proph/seher/mass.htm) the third railroad building attempt will coincide with doomsday (I would specify “Road builder doomsday”)

    Dipl Ing Peter Stumreich planned a concept of e new more modern railroad traverse through the Alps (http://alpentransversale.sodala.net/RB-alles_d.PDF) which refers to this route.


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