Four Views From The Bridge, Landeck

“Landeck, in the Austrian Tyrol”, by John Mallord William Turner, 1840.

“Schloss Landeck, Oberinntal”, engraved by T. Heawood after L. Lauterbach, around 1850.

Undated postcard, Landeck.

Landeck now.

Top three images found here, here and here.

2 thoughts on “Four Views From The Bridge, Landeck

  1. The loveliness of Landeck is a bit controverisal in Tyrol – even from the point of view of some of its inhabitants. The paintings however show, that the rugged landscape with castle and waterfront are very characteristic and kept its appeal during the years even till today.
    This sounds a bit like if I would like to plug Landeck. Yes I confess, I like it 🙂


  2. My first impression of Landeck (passed through in a car 2 yrs ago) was not favorable. This time I made the effort to look beyond the uglier buildings along the river, and the steep mountainsides closing one in, and found it more interesting. A student of mine told me that there is a decent night-life there too (jazz at Altes Kino etc.)


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