>Reschensee (Lago di Resia)

>The Reschensee is an artificial lake on the Italian side of Tirol, or South Tirol. When the dam was finished in 1950, the waters rose over several evacuated villages, including Graun (in Italian, Curon), where 163 houses were destroyed. The 14th-century bell tower was left standing , having been designated an historical monument, and if you drive along the coast, that is all that you will see of the village that was once there.
I first learned of this bell tower from a photograph in a cycling guidebook, and so, several years later, when the beau and I were looking for some day-trip destinations, I said that I had always wanted to see it myself.

Update: Divers have left reports online that one may dive (with permission from the municipality) but that there is nothing to see below the surface — the tower stands in about 2 meters of mud, and so the old streets, etc., are completely covered.

3 thoughts on “>Reschensee (Lago di Resia)

  1. >So incongruous! It looks like a digital manipulation, especially that first one; you just don’t expect brick towers jutting from the middle of a pond.I have a near fetish about the decaying and abandoned artifacts of civilization. I wonder what all is left below the waterline?


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