Hell Under Glass

While we are discussing concentration camps, here is a clip of Jake and Dinos Chapman discussing their work, “The End Of Fun”, which just finished showing at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. The camera zooms in quite a bit on this detailed, cast-of-thousands, miniature dystopian future, showing, well, their view of Hell. It’s not easy to describe, watch the clip. Lengthy but worthy of a look.

h/t to a commenter on a post at Club Orlov.

UPDATE: BONUS LINK. I knew there was another link I wanted to include here, but I had to wait until the fog of this Grippe cleared before I remembered what it was: here an article (with fascinating photos) of a rather unusual officers’ pow camp in Murnau, in southern Bavaria.

UPDATE 2: Reader Paschberg sends this image of another representation of Hell, found embedded in a stone wall in Naples. Here the (burning) subjects seem to be aware of the glass, and press on it as if trying to escape.

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