>Weekend Mountain Blogging: Sillschlucht

>There is another circular hiking route around Bergisel, which is close by and not long. A nice walk, especially when you have to leave the house or go mad from the noise of jackhammers.

Blue-green, crystal clear, icy water. Beautiful, but the paths are narrow and slippery in the snow, and the place tried to kill me several times by nearly sending me down into the stream. My other route is more welcoming.
The back end of the Bergisel ski jump/cafe.
A memorial for Father Franz Reinisch, an Austrian priest who was executed by the Nazis in 1942 for refusing to join the Wehrmacht on conscientious grounds. He had spent his youth and student years in Innsbruck.

6 thoughts on “>Weekend Mountain Blogging: Sillschlucht

  1. >Recently I have spoken with architecture students working on a (theoretical) projekt on the Sill-Gorge. Especially interesting are the sqatters in the souther part oft the gorge. I wonder if they are in use also during winter?The ice-walls grow during winter – they are very nice in January!


  2. >Paschberg, I did see signs of camps — one makeshift campground, further on some gated paths which looked as if they led to huts. Is this what you mean?There is also a man whom I have passed a few times near Bretterkeller, who looks as if he is going up into the hills to spend the night.What is the (theoretical) project? You can send an e-mail if the answer is very long!


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