>Death Of A Tormann

>Robert Enke, goalie for Hannover 96 and for the German national team, took his life Monday evening by throwing himself in front of a train. He was 32.

Enke, it was revealed, had suffered from depression for years. He had first sought help in 2003, then in 2006 his 2-year-old daughter Lara died from a heart condition. Those who knew him well thought that he was doing OK. But as he sank further into despair and anxiety, he kept his suffering hidden, even from his wife.

Germany’s football players and fans are in shock, and grieving. The national team’s upcoming game with Chile has been cancelled, a memorial gathering in Hannover drew 35,000 fans.

Memorial services will be held in Hannover on Sunday, and in Jena, Enke’s hometown.

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